Le Parcours Gourmand – Grand Tasting experience


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Let your palate guide you through a gourmet circuit in the heart of the Société des arts technologiques (SAT).

  • An unparalleled tasting experience in Montréal
  • 20 stations offering bites and 10 serving alcohol, from exceptional chefs and producers
  • 4 culinary demonstrations by renowned chefs during each service
  • 1 passport with coupons for bites; complimentary alcohol



New features in 2019

  • Services extended by 30 minutes;
  • VIP passes available (including a chance to win a spot in one of the exclusive wine, beer and spirits tasting workshops, as well as the possibility to enjoy the Parcours Gourmand – Grand Tasting experience 1 hour before the arrival of the regular participants);


Stay tuned for the announcement of surprise workshops offered during each service!

General Admission

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